"Conquer the Taste, Expand an Empire: OldBridge Gelateria, from Rome to the World!"

  • **Why Choose OldBridge Gelateria**
  • **Your Success is Our Commitment**
  • **The Values That Unite Us**
**Why Choose OldBridge Gelateria**

Venture into the tradition of taste with OldBridge Gelateria. Originally a small but innovative establishment, today we offer an authentic ice cream experience that celebrates the quality of raw materials and the Made in Italy ice cream artistry, loved everywhere. Join us and bring this excellence into your hands, ensuring the same standard of unparalleled quality reflected by the parent company in every sweet creation of yours.

**Your Success is Our Commitment**

Do you dream of becoming a master gelato maker? With OldBridge, you'll never be alone. Our promise is one of constant support. We guide you step by step, with a practical approach that takes you from the essence of raw materials to the magic of production. We share with you over thirty years of tradition, training you through hands-on experiences in the laboratory, at the counter, and in precious direct contact with customers.

**The Values That Unite Us**

Passion, dedication, and professionalism are more than just words to us at OldBridge: they are the beating heart of our family. We believe that it's only with a solid foundation of trust that unparalleled quality can be achieved. Joining the OldBridge family means embracing our principles, becoming ambassadors of a gelato culture that preserves the craftsmanship and superiority of a product the world craves.

**How to Open an OldBridge Gelato Shop Franchise**

Starting an OldBridge franchise is as simple as becoming an expert in making gelato. We will be by your side, sharing the secrets of our craft. You will be directly involved with the raw materials and machinery, which are the pillars of our delicious creations.

By joining the OldBridge franchise, you will gain knowledge about the craftsmanship that creates exceptional gelato and learn the best strategies to display your products and optimize customer service. We will work closely with you, guiding you in the art of making the distinctive OldBridge gelato.

**Where to Open Your Gelateria**

Location is crucial for the success of a gelateria. In the OldBridge franchise, we support you in selecting the best area for your business. We favor large Italian, European, and international cities known for tourism, such as historical centers and shopping malls.

**Your First Steps With Us**

We will supply you with quality OldBridge branded products, machinery, showcases, and refrigerators from the best world-famous Italian manufacturers. Here are your initial steps with us:

1. Initial Contact

2. Meeting and Feasibility Assessment

3. Location Evaluation

4. Quotations

5. Signing of the Contract

6. Workplace Environment Design

7. Training

8. Order of OldBridge Branded Products with 24/7 Assistance Directly Online

9. Store Opening

10. Promotion of the New Store via the Website, Social Networks, and Advertising at the Headquarters.

Become Part of the Story: Join the OldBridge Gelato Franchise

We are excited about the prospect of meeting you and welcoming you to our large family of gelato makers. If you wish to become part of our world and share the passion for authentic Italian gelato, we kindly invite you to fill out the franchise form for the OldBridge Gelateria of Rome. Start your journey towards a sweetly entrepreneurial experience with us!

gelatai che si tengono per mano sotto la bandiera di Oldbridge gelateria a Roma
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