"Flavors - Authentic - Always"

**Enchantment of Taste: OldBridge Gelateria

Where Authentic Flavor Makes History**

**The Frozen Dream Amidst the Streets of Rome** Stellar Flavors Over 30 Years of Gelato Mastery

We unveil the enchanted tale of OldBridge Gelateria, hidden like a treasure in the beating heart of Rome, where the paths of the Bastioni di Michelangelo Avenue brush against the mysteries of the Vatican. Here, more than 30 years ago, Gianni and Antonello breathed life into a dream: to create an artisanal ice cream so exquisite that it could attract taste enthusiasts from every corner of the globe.

**The Magic of Gelato: A Family Tradition**

The Elixir of Pure Pleasure in a Frozen Kiss

Step into the realm of OldBridge Gelato, where flavor is woven with love and familial dedication. This is not mere indulgence – it is art in its purest form. A gelato that melds the nobility of exquisite ingredients with the magic of thirty years of passion. Each bite is pasteurized poetry, churned and created with skilled hands in our laboratories, where 100% Italian milk blends with an unparalleled selection of raw materials, without a shadow of preservatives or dark artifices.

La gelateria OldBridge , viale dei bastioni di Michelangelo 5 Roma

**The Alchemists of Cold**

When Raw Materials Become

Works of Art

Meet our master artisans, the alchemists who transform carefully selected ingredients into enticing frozen masterpieces. Innovation meets tradition, with the most sophisticated machinery from renowned Italian industries like OMAB, Carpigiani, and ISA, ensuring a dreamy product.

**The OldBridge Philosophy**

The Essence of Italian Gelato that Conquers the World

We invite you to immerse yourself in the OldBridge philosophy, where love and experience in creating frozen delights become the most sincere expression of our culture. A small reality, wrapped in the charm of innovation, that has transformed into an ambassador of Made in Italy excellence, with gelatos that enhance the raw materials in every sublime taste.

A taste of OldBridge is not just a gelato, it's a sensory journey, a return to the roots, an embrace of true Italian authenticity. Our artisanal gelato is a tribute to home, a burst of flavors that reaches its peak in an unparalleled taste experience.

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